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Our cleaning methods include Hot Water Extraction, Low Moisture Rotary or Dry Compound Cleaning. All of these methods utilise specialist micro-splitting chemicals which suspend the soil particles away from the fibres that are being cleaned. Our new range of chemicals allow carpet and upholstery cleaning to be performed without the use of detergents or enzymes, which can cause potential re-soiling, due to the sticky residues left behind.


Sometimes referred to as 'steam cleaning'. Steam is not actually produced as the temperatures would need to exceed 100 Centigrade and this could damage carpets and other materials.

This method is used on both carpet and upholstery cleaning.

The first step in the Hot Water Extraction method is to thoroughly pre-vacuum the area to be cleaned. We then spray the environmetally friendly chemicals into the carpet or upholstery material, then agitation is performed which helps to suspend the soil particles away from the fibres. Once the chemicals have done their work, the suspended soil is ready for extraction. Our Hot Water Extraction machines will inject hot water through the fibres and then immediately vacuum away taking the suspended soil along with it.

Anti-soiling and anti-spot treatments, are not affected.

Our absorbent pad method utilises the patented "Charley Pad System". First a pre-vacuum is performed to remove dry soil within the carpet. Environmentally friendly Micro-Splitting chemicals are then sprayed evenly across the carpet and allowed to dwell for 10 minutes. These chemicals break the remaining soil down and stops them from adhering to the fibres. (They are literally suspended)

The rotary machine is then moved slowly across the room, absorbing the moisture and broken down soil particles into the absorbent Charley Pad.

This method is ideally suited to low profile carpets, as found in offices, leisure centres etc.


The Dry Compound method is performed by introducing detergent-free granulated powder (based on an organic carrier material). This is then agitated into the fibres thus suspending the soil particles away from the fibres and attracting them to the carrier granules. The granules are then vacuumed out along with the soil particles.

Anti-soiling and anti-spot treatments, are not affected. Since the dry compound does not adhere to carpet fibres, it can be completely removed by dry vacuuming after the corresponding drying time. Efficient general cleaning without risk of wick-back as well as a substantial spectrum of stain and spot removal are additional quality features.

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